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The right marketing messages – to the right people – in the right channels – make your business more money. That’s what ENDGAME Marketing does for you! Just like our sales campaigns, ENDGAME marketing campaigns have multiple steps that lead to success.

Step 1. Market Definition

The first question we ask in marketing is Who are the people that buy from you? We define all the characteristics of your customers, which is the foundation of every good marketing campaign.

Step 2. Marketing Messages

What’s the secret to powerful marketing copy? Knowing that you already know your best selling messages — they are just hiding from us. We excel at spotting your most persuasive marketing statements and honing them until they shine!

Step 3. Website & Web Profiles

Today, no one buys from a company without researching them online first. Potential customers look at your website and web profiles for green lights — reasons to buy from you — or red lights — reasons to NOT buy from you. ENDGAME marketing makes sure all your lights are green on every device: computer, tablet, and mobile.

Step 4. Digital Marketing

There are seemingly unlimited choices for digital marketing: email, AdWords, local search, review sites, and many more. We’ll pick the best marketing channels for you and craft the most effective advertising creative within them.

Step 5. Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important channel for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies. Success in social media takes persistence and patience — but it pays off. We can help make it pay off for you. And we can help you take advantage of the tremendous new potential of paid advertising in platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Step 6. Direct Mail, Print Advertising & More

Traditional marketing channels aren’t dead —  but the Return on Investment calculations for them have changed! When traditional marketing choices make good sense, we get you good returns on your marketing dollars.

Step 7. Results Analysis & Conversions

Marketing needs to deliver results. Our comprehensive marketing reports help you measure awareness and engagement as well as the most important deliverables: conversions, revenue, and profits!

At ENDGAME Marketing, we manage marketing campaigns that encompass all these steps. We also work with clients who want ENDGAME to help them with just part of their marketing campaigns. Regardless of your needs — we can help!

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