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ENDGAME Jump Starter sales banner 02 - 550 pixel widthMore sales means more revenue and more profits. That’s what ENDGAME delivers! At ENDGAME, we effortlessly integrate our professional sales with your existing marketing campaigns to maximize the impact of both.

We can also managed comprehensive, integrated sales and marketing campaigns for you. We use a 7 Step Sales System to help you grow your sales. Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Market Definition

Who are your customers? We define all the potential markets for your sales campaign — including industries, titles of decision makers, size of company by revenue, and more.

Step 2. Sales Messages & Value Propositions

What do we say to potential customers to make them buy? We’ll mine your sales messages and value propositions for your most powerful sales statements, and use them in our campaigns. When you want to motivate people to buy now — a limited-time offer is a great way to do it.

Step 3. Sales Lead Research

What are the names, titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and companies of the men and women who meet all the criteria in your market definitions? We build lists of your best potential customers so we can begin the sales campaign.

Step 4. 1st Sales Contact

What is the best first sales contact for your markets? Sometimes, we begin with a good old-fashioned letter followed by a phone call. We’ll figure out the right opening sales contact for your business.

Step 5. Follow-up Sales Contacts

Most sales don’t happen on the first phone call. At ENDGAME, we expect 5 to 10 touches will be needed to close a sale. These sales touches include phone calls, mailings, email, social media interactions, face-to-face meetings, and more.

Step 6. Evaluation & Adjustment

Every sales contact we make is a chance to close a deal. Every sales contact is also an opportunity to learn more about your customers, what they want, and what will motivate them to buy from you. We use sales contacts to test and evaluate all the sales planning we did early in the process. When we learn new things — we try new approaches.

Step 7. Closing the Sale

Closing a sales begins with the first contact and continues throughout the campaign until the customer says “yes”. Closing a sale takes careful planning, good timing, the ability to read the customer, and the confidence to ask for the sale when the moment is right.

At ENDGAME, we manage sales campaigns that encompass all seven steps of the sales process. We also work with clients who want ENDGAME to help them with just part of their sales campaigns. Regardless of your needs — we can help!

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